Cargo Gate offers you the best customs clearance services for imports and exports. We deal on your behalf with the authorities concerned with customs clearance of all kinds, whether through air, sea or land ports, or your centers from the warehouses of your subsidiaries, working to rid you of any complications. You may encounter goods clearance, we rely on specialists and experts in the field of customs clearance, extensive experience in the field and guarantee the best service.

Services provided by Cargo GateCompany in customs clearance

We guarantee that all your customs papers will be cleared legally and quickly.

The company works to avoid risks and not fall under fines.

The company also performs all necessary matters in import customs clearance.

The company makes export tariff reductions as well.

We do customs clearance for all types of goods, whether simple or valuable.

Dealing with Cargo Gate Company for customs clearance is characterized by accuracy and ease

And that is by opening accounts for customers to facilitate procedures, as we have accounts and guaranteed balances with agents and suppliers that have been built over the years. Al-Rushd team, a customs clearance company, is highly experienced and fully aware of all customs laws and provisions.
We are keen on your products, so do not worry about tampering with them, we guarantee that your shipment will be delivered as you are satisfied with, without any damage or damage that may occur to the shipments during the shipping and customs clearance process, and in the event of any error, the company bears responsibility and solves the problem immediately.