The transportation takes place in our cars of an international transport company or in the cars of our agents and in the presence of the inspection representative, where modern cars supported by GPS are used in accordance with the instructions of the internal regulations and the port authority.

Specialized transportation team

The transportation team at Cargo Gate is a specialized international transport company and is ready to transport goods at any time, with the possibility of aging or loading goods of a special nature, as the appropriate method of packing, transportation and shipping is determined for each shipment

Extensive experience

We will give you the best choice for transporting your goods. We have sufficient experience that we harness to plan and analyze logistical operations to reach the ideal mix of quality and cost, as well as the safety and security of people and goods, which is the focus of all our operations.

Optimal handling of goods

Cargo Gate Company is characterized by a deep understanding of the different types of goods and how to best deal with each type of them. Therefore, be sure to take care of your customers and develop your business, and let us take care of your goods.

transport services

Cargo Gate Company provides the appropriate means of transportation to transport goods to and from the company and the customs office. Our company provides this service in order to provide integrated services to the customer, save time and effort, and increase the effectiveness of the company's basic services. Cargo Gate Company is an integrated company that is keen to provide added value to all our customers through this integration. For this reason, Cargo Gate Company has sought to provide transportation service locally and internationally with the best modern transport systems and international quality standards based on accumulated experiences through many successful operations that deepened the confidence of our customers in the competitiveness and quality of each Transfer operations at Cargo Gate Company.